Michigan Free Scientologists

Michigan Free Scientologists

This group is to connect those that wish to co-audit, research, discuss, and connect with other Scientologists in the Metropolitan Detroit Area.

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The spirit is the source of all creation. You are a spirit.


Get powerful abilities to create a happy future

Hello Independent Scientologist!

I want to remind you, just in case, that there is hope. I see how few centers over the world are opening and delivering the Tech and I am proud to announce that I am one of them.

After overcoming my anger against the church, I started to be active again and I asked myself, “What can I do about it?” I lived in Spain at that time and I travelled to USA where I studied over some years in the Life Enhancement Center in Coeur D’Alene with Les and Anita Warren. I became a Grad Class V and NOW I AM AUDITING IN SPAIN!

I have a beautiful center where I deliver the Tech and in the future I hope to open an academy for people who want to be trained in Spanish.

Meanwhile, Pcs are coming to get their grades while they enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Cantabria, in the north of Spain. They can stay in the center and do intensive auditing.

Going up the Bridge can be a fullfilling experience, joyful, playful, and with no stops like in the church. My Pcs go to the beach, surf, trekking or horse riding in their spare time or study the materials I provide.

I have a web where I don’t use the word Scientology to prevent attacks from the church. This is the site www.karmaclearing.org . I refer to the Tech as Karmaclearing but it is 100% standard Tech and those who read between lines will recognize the Bridge under the title The Program. In August I will start a blog for beginners where I will talk about the basic scientology concepts while I show DIYs (Do it Yourself) videos. It will be fun! I am trying to make Scientology understandable for everyone.

I invite PCs to come specially those who speak Spanish; yes, there is a new place to go up the Bridge!

Thank you very much.

Grad Class V Auditor

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Southern California Tech Team


“The primary aberration in situations that are being mishandled is: The person is unable to recognize Source.” HCOPL 23 APRIL 1965, PROBLEMS

“People have following the route mixed up with ‘the right to have their own ideas.’ Anyone is certainly entitled to have opinions and ideas and cognitions so long as these do not bar the route out for self and others. …Don’t let your party down. By whatever means, keep them on the route. And they’ll be free. If you don’t, they won’t.” HCOPL 14 FEB 1965, SAFEGUARDING TECHNOLOGY

Our tech team consists of some of the most highly trained Auditors, C/Ses, OT Qual Consultants and Supervisors in the world. We have literally helped thousands of preclears up the OT levels successfully for over 20 years. We all held high tech posts in years past at different orgs that delivered the OT levels. Our OT Levels courses have been called the “Best in the World” by many people who have been around the tech for a long time. 

All training and counselling is done strictly as per the instructions issued by Lafayette Ron Hubbard.

An APIS Certified Group

Contact us directly: scttservices@gmail.com 


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McKinney Life Improvement Center

 Delivering training and auditing on the lower Bridge to Clear

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Observation Mountain Academy

Observation Mountain Academy, Grand Forks, B.C., is here to help people handle life’s problems through Training and Counselling all based on the works of L Ron Hubbard.


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Hellen Chen's Academy 24Nov13


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New Germany

Independent Scientology Center

New Germany Independent Scientology Center

On April 27 our opening party was an overwhelming success!

Our center delivers auditing up to Clear and auditor training including the solo course.

We use course materials produced before the alleged “golden age of tech”.

We in Germany are ready to deliver !!!



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