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Southern California Tech Team


“The primary aberration in situations that are being mishandled is: The person is unable to recognize Source.” HCOPL 23 APRIL 1965, PROBLEMS

“People have following the route mixed up with ‘the right to have their own ideas.’ Anyone is certainly entitled to have opinions and ideas and cognitions so long as these do not bar the route out for self and others. …Don’t let your party down. By whatever means, keep them on the route. And they’ll be free. If you don’t, they won’t.” HCOPL 14 FEB 1965, SAFEGUARDING TECHNOLOGY

Our tech team consists of some of the most highly trained Auditors, C/Ses, OT Qual Consultants and Supervisors in the world. We have literally helped thousands of preclears up the OT levels successfully for over 20 years. We all held high tech posts in years past at different orgs that delivered the OT levels. Our OT Levels courses have been called the “Best in the World” by many people who have been around the tech for a long time. 

All training and counselling is done strictly as per the instructions issued by Lafayette Ron Hubbard.

An APIS Certified Group

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Reproduced by kind permission. Thank you, John.

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