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Hellen Chen's Academy 24Nov13


Reproduced by kind permission. Thank you, Yin.

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New Germany

Independent Scientology Center

New Germany Independent Scientology Center

On April 27 our opening party was an overwhelming success!

Our center delivers auditing up to Clear and auditor training including the solo course.

We use course materials produced before the alleged “golden age of tech”.

We in Germany are ready to deliver !!!



Reproduced by kind permission. Thank you, Rita.

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Advanced Organization of the Great Plains

AO of the Great Plains

See our videos here 

Established outside of the C of S, our organization offers auditing through OTV, as well as training through Class VI and SOLO Courses by FLAG Trained Sups, at significantly reduced rates and at a higher level of technical accuracy and result.

More information here Find us on Facebook 


Reproduced by kind permission. Thank you, Jonathan.

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The Courseroom

The Courseroom

The Courseroom

A Complete Scientology Facility

At The Courseroom, we deliver auditing, C/Sing, training and co-auditing supervision. 

Contact Us


7738 Ga. Hwy 111 South, Cairo, GA 39828,
 Skype: thecourseroom


Reproduced by kind permission. Thank you, John Aaron.

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