Free Zone San Francisco

Founded over 9 years ago, Freezone San Francisco is your one-stop for Wellness, Clarity and Life Improvement through: Biofeedback, Detoxification and Self Improvement Education and Counseling. We are a group of individuals, trained in the original theories and applications, as created and founded by L. Ron Hubbard, who are united in helping others help themselves.

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Hubbard Free Org

Hubbard Free Org

Hubbard Free Org

Mission Statement:

“Hubbard Free Org is dedicated to clearing and

delivering 100 percent standard tech”


The center, about an hours drive from Los Angeles, trains up to Class V and also runs a body detox (purification) program.

The org is fully equipped to train and has all the original standard bridge LRH materials.

In a six month period the Hubbard Free Org has had over 6 people go Clear and 3 go OT.

Applications by referral only



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Helen Chen's Academy 28Dec2014 B

Big hello, fellow Scientologists and friends,

Hellen Chen’s Academy will be holding a New Year Graduation Party and we wish to invite you to come.
There will be food, entertainment, wins sharing, baby naming ceremony and kung fu!!
Date: Dec 28 Sunday
Time: 2-5pm
Location: Northridge CA
To RSVP, simply send me a message!
Let’s celebrate freedom, wins and looking forward to the future!
Note: this event is definitely for non-scientologists. So don’t hesitate to bring someone with you who simply like to enjoy great company!
Love, YIN


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Ronit Charny

Flag-Trained Class IX Auditor


 Hello from Portland, OR, USA

Dear Friends, we have some great news to announce: Ronit is back in the chair auditing again! 

Ronit is Class IX with 9 years of experience and upholds 100% Standard Tech.


 “I am a Flag Trained Class IX Auditor including a SHSBC internship. I deliver the entire spectrum of Scientology and Dianetics processes, from life repair, grades, NED, Clear up through the OT levels OT1 to OTVII. I also deliver the Cause Resurgence Rundown and the Ethics and Justice Repair list as well as marriage counseling. Read my story here and here”  

Ronit Charny

Flag Trained Class IX Auditor 

Find me here

(503) 621-8858



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Free Zone Academy Elma, WA

Freezone Academy Elma

Here in Elma, WA (which is located about 30 miles West of Olympia, WA) we can help you do the entire bridge.  We can also deliver the Original OT grades, which have been dropped by the COS.

 Auditing Offered: Intro Auditing, Life Repair, Grades, NED, OT reviews.

Training Offered:  Student Hat, Academy Levels, Basic Courses, Standard Dianetics, NED, Solo Course, R6EW, Clearing Course, OT II, OT III, NOTs.

Students may receive free student auditing from other students.

Inside the course room are bookshelves of original LRH materials; everything is there to turn you into an excellent auditor.

 We work happily at Free Zone Elma from 1 PM to 8 PM, with breaks and an hour for dinner, six days a week.  While Ray handles the course room, I do the Case Supervision for auditors in training.  I do the OT Reviews and the training for advanced students.

 Our environment is a safe place from which you can communicate.

We are here to give the best service possible.

More information here.


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Michigan Free Scientologists

Michigan Free Scientologists

This group is to connect those that wish to co-audit, research, discuss, and connect with other Scientologists in the Metropolitan Detroit Area.

Contact here


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The spirit is the source of all creation. You are a spirit.


Get powerful abilities to create a happy future

Hello Independent Scientologist!

I want to remind you, just in case, that there is hope. I see how few centers over the world are opening and delivering the Tech and I am proud to announce that I am one of them.

After overcoming my anger against the church, I started to be active again and I asked myself, “What can I do about it?” I lived in Spain at that time and I travelled to USA where I studied over some years in the Life Enhancement Center in Coeur D’Alene with Les and Anita Warren. I became a Grad Class V and NOW I AM AUDITING IN SPAIN!

I have a beautiful center where I deliver the Tech and in the future I hope to open an academy for people who want to be trained in Spanish.

Meanwhile, Pcs are coming to get their grades while they enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Cantabria, in the north of Spain. They can stay in the center and do intensive auditing.

Going up the Bridge can be a fullfilling experience, joyful, playful, and with no stops like in the church. My Pcs go to the beach, surf, trekking or horse riding in their spare time or study the materials I provide.

I have a web where I don’t use the word Scientology to prevent attacks from the church. This is the site . I refer to the Tech as Karmaclearing but it is 100% standard Tech and those who read between lines will recognize the Bridge under the title The Program. In August I will start a blog for beginners where I will talk about the basic scientology concepts while I show DIYs (Do it Yourself) videos. It will be fun! I am trying to make Scientology understandable for everyone.

I invite PCs to come specially those who speak Spanish; yes, there is a new place to go up the Bridge!

Thank you very much.

Grad Class V Auditor

More information here 


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